Fixing a Broken Windshield

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Published: 16th May 2013
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In case you are like most of us, the very first time you ever need to give thought to windshield repair or replacement occurs when you are driving across the road and you hear the popping sound of something like a rock smash into your vehicles windshield; or maybe shortly after once you notice that unwanted break that begins to take shape, distracting you from being able to drive safe. This is usually a frustrating feeling, one that most car owners donít deal with quickly enough or even in the appropriate way. Did you know postponing having work done on a cracked or chipped piece of automotive glass can wind up costing you a higher price since it is likely to become worse without a timely repair? The average car owner is usually unaware of how important a windshield is when considering safety. This information is here to provide what you need to understand about the windshield replacement vs repair choice from beginning to end because a good number of hardworking people, you probably donít have the time to put together all the information required to make the right decisions for yourself and your car.

The initial step should be to quickly examine the damage that was done to your window or windshield and to educate yourself about the general test of glass repair. It truly is beneficial to be knowledgeable enough so you can make a basic diagnosis by determining whether the window or windshield is chipped, scratched or cracked so you have a pretty accurate idea of what type of service you may need. As a broad rule of thumb, chips may be repaired when not a whole lot bigger than the length of a quarter. Cracks are likely to be repaired when they're only six inches long, which is about the length of a dollar bill. If the damage is any worse it is likely you will need the complete windshield replacement service. Itís equally important to know why you should give consideration to a deceptively small chip or crack at all. In case you are in an wreck and already have a compromised piece of auto glass, there is a better chance it will break, often creating injury from the pieces of glass or allowing you to be thrown out of your car. Driving safety experts are quick to indicate how important undamaged auto glass is to the structure of a car.

Your next and in all likelihood the most vital step you should take to fix your vehicle's windshield will be to know who to contact. Lots of people because of a lack of knowledge search for auto body shops only to realize they don't replace auto glass. Still more people call home window or glass shops and they are averted again. Auto glass repair is really a separate industry which is devoted to understanding how to correctly repair or replace your windshield so that you can continue driving safely and without worrying about distraction of window damage. Even though you now understand what types of business you need to find, not every auto glass and windshield replacement company in Charlottesville VA or wherever you happen to live are exactly the same. When deciding on a business, one thing to be aware of is whether or not they normally use. OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufacturer and pretty much means that the products they choose like adhesives used in the repair process along with the replacement windows themselves are the identical quality that was originally used in your windshield when your car was built. Aftermarket materials utilized by some companies are typically not as high of quality will not have the same quality or safety standards of the OEM materials. Something else you probably should check on is that the company you select has NGA and AGRSS certifications. NGA means the National Glass Association and leads the industry in training quality installers for auto glass replacement and repair certification. AGRSS stands for Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. This is a non-profit organization that focuses on safety and high standards within the industry.

The other major concern drivers have when looking into auto glass repair or replacement is cost. Fixing auto glass is definitely an expense that comes out of nowhere and rarely at a great time. While prices are probably going to be different depending on area you call home, getting your windshield repaired is definitely going to cost less compared to a total windshield replacement for your vehicle? To provide you with a broad estimate, repairs often cost less than one hundred dollars and replacing the windshield can run in excess of five hundred dollars. No matter what sort of work you have to have done, jumping towards least expensive option is usually not the best decision especially in the long run. Thankfully many automobile insurance companies will cover part or even all the expenses of auto glass repair or replacement jobs. It is in their best interest that you remain secure on the streets plus they know how important having a quality undamaged windshield is when considering your safety one the road. Additionally they want you to quickly repair or replace your automotive glass instead of sitting around until it needs replacement. By doing this, you both save time or money and you can travel with a bit of safety yet again. You can find auto glass repair under the comprehensive portion of your insurance coverage. Itís also a great situation because there's usually no fault when it comes to window claims so automobile insurance should not go up just because of the simple repair.

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